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The primary purpose of the 10:02 Foundation, Inc. is to equip, educate, and empower single parents to be economically capacitated while preventing them from returning to economic impoverishment.
Founded by Melinda Miller  in 2016, the 10:02 Foundation, Inc. exclusively serves as a charitable organization created to inspire single parents through the processes of Transformation, Reconciliation, and Restoration through our sphere of influence. This sphere of influence allow us to equip single parents to successfully sustain themselves financially without dependence on welfare to survive. while preparing those that depend on public assistance to wean themselves off of public support.We offer a wide range of services that allow us to act as a liaison to providing short term needs. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • To host quarterly or annual single parent summit or symposiums.
  • Provide parenting classes, future planning and preparation for leaving a legacy.  (i.e.: retirement, college, vacation)
  • Offer network for childcare support
  • Assist with mindset shift through counseling & positive affirmation
  • Offer training through parenting classes
  • Assist with entrepreneur training and development
  • Educate youth of single parents as it relates to purpose, career & safety
  • To offer careering & job interview training
  • Offer financial training for budgeting, saving & investments
  • To offer transitional housing from divorce, section 8 housing and eviction.
  • Provide scholarship for daycare and higher education for parents or their children
  • Financial support to meet immediate needs as it relates to mortgage, rent, utility disconnection emergencies.
  • To assist with down payment & closing cost assistance for home purchases


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