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Harrison Home Project
Mother and Baby on Floor


Hope for the Holidays

This project will assist a singe parent household by providing a holiday experience. This could range from hosting the entire Christmas/holiday celebration, to an outing or vacation.

If you are or know a single parent household in need of some holiday cheer, submit a request on our Seek Aid/Request Assistance page. You can also send the request to


Last day to submit is December 20, 2021.

Homework Help

Our housing project is typically an opportunity to provide down payment assistance for a home purchase, rental deposit or monthly rental assistance. In 2024 we will provide a home that will host as a transitional property for single parents in need.  We will raise enough funds to gift a home to someone in the DFW Area.


This Campaign will kick off January 1, 2024.  We will not accept any nominations until then. The nomination process will go from Jan 1 to June 1.  We will narrow down the nominations to top 5 and take all 5 nomination through the vetting process. 


If you know a single parent that deserves a home please submit a 1 page essay as to why they deserve a home.  You can send the request to



Back to School Bash

During back to school season we sponsor several children with back to school gear.  Wardrobe and school supplies. We will assist children from Kindergarten to Senior year in College. We will kick off the school year with a back to school bash.



This is to help with Tuition for a college kid and/or for parent that wants to earn a degree or attend a technical school. We will also sponsor a parent who wants to become a Realtor with paying for their classes. We will provide 6-12 scholarships for Realtors each year.


Honor Mother & Father 

Each Mothers and Fathers Day we accept nominations for a single mom & dad for Mothers Day and a single mom and dad for Fathers Day.  We Sponsor a shopping spree, makeover with photo shoot. or a weekend get away. 


Birthday Extravaganza

You can nominate a child or parent for us to throw a Birthday Bash for. This must be a monumental number (ie: 1,5,10,13,16,18 for kids/25,30,40,50 for adults). This would be an individual that has never had a birthday party before.  It's a time to celebrate someone who normally does not get celebrated.  

Mother Working from Home
Father and Son Baking
Mother and a Child
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